About Me, Our Family’s Health Journey

My Health Journey

“I have diabetes!”

Those words from my dear husband of over 30 years hit hard. Our family enjoys a very healthy lifestyle. Living on an organic produce farm, our meals include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

health journeyLike many diabetics, his diagnosis included high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Add to that too many extra pounds to create a health crisis in the making. With a family history of these and other medical issues, we knew he might need to monitor his levels. However, neither of us expected it would really happen.

His doctor strongly recommended medications. With his blood glucose levels, his doctor cautioned him that without medications, the prognosis was not good.  However, my husband resisted, insisting he’d look into natural treatments.

I had helped many friends make major changes to their diets for health reasons, including family members with heart problems and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Other friends with diabetes often asked for diet recommendations, too. Those that followed the advice found their health improved dramatically.

My husband seemed resolved to deal with this in a natural manner. However, he would need to make some drastic changes. His health journey needed to start immediately.

Our family enjoyed a healthy lifestyle on our family farm. We grow organic fruit and vegetables, therefore have plenty of good foods to choose from. Most of us eat primarily plant-based every day.

However, until now, my dear husband found it difficult to drop his favorite foods from childhood. On the road frequently, fast foods grabbed his attention almost daily. Snacks and sugary drinks followed him everywhere.

I wasn’t sure he could make the adjustments. However, he seemed determined. With my recommendations from years of study, he began his new diabetes diet lifestyle on his health journey.

The results showed almost immediately.

He dropped weight quickly, by just adjusting his food choices. This renewed his energy and encouraged him to begin walking more. Moreover, as others commented on how he looked healthier, he was even more encouraged.

A trip to his doctor 6 months after the diagnosis gave him added affirmation.  Even the doctor was impressed, although he warned that most do not stay with such changes in the long run. Still, he could not deny the results when his A1C level had dropped to a safer pre-diabetic number.

His success on his health journey led to more determination. He slips some days. However, he jumps back into his healthy diet.

Since that time I’ve shared his story with others facing health issues including diabetes. Some join the health challenge and are seeing excellent results. Others choose to continue with medications, even after diabetes creates other health issues.

While I’m thankful that my husband has chosen to continue his healthy lifestyle, Moreover, I hope to encourage others to take up the health journey challenge, too.