Easy Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics

Begin Your Day Right: Easy Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics

Many of us face the morning rush and often skip breakfast. However, while breakfast provides a good start for all, diabetics especially need a healthy meal to start the day. Our easy breakfast ideas for diabetics enable you to start the day right.

Diabetics need breakfast

My husband frequently rushes through breakfast or forgoes it all together. Although he works at home, he never feels that he has time to sit down and enjoy a nourishing meal.

When his diabetes diagnosis brought him to reality, he realized he needed to make some changes. One of the first changes resulted in finding easy breakfast ideas for diabetics for him to enjoy.

Overnight oatmeal offers an extremely healthy morning meal that lets you awaken to its enticing aromas. You will find other oat hearty breakfast ideas on our Low Sugar Oatmeal Breakfast Ideas page, too.

But what if you want to expand beyond oats? Surely easy breakfast ideas for diabetics exist that feature other ingredients!

Indeed they do! When dear hubby grows tired of oats, we create other options that ensure he enjoys breakfast each day.

Easy Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics, not oat-based (may still contain oats)

easy breakfast ideas for diabeticsClick on each to go to the actual recipe


Each of these presents a wonderfully healthy choice for breakfast. However, don’t stop there. We think that a Parfait or Berry Crisp offers a great choice for dessert, too. Either of the scrambles tucks neatly into a flatbread to become a hearty lunch. Need a snack while running errands? Dry granola offers a healthy crunch!


Easy Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics begins here but doesn’t end


We are constantly expanding our recipes and menus. Choosing to eat vegan and healthy, as well as low glycemic does not imply boring and tasteless. Indeed, we believe your choices increase as you expand your food choices.

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